Creating Healthy Seniors - One Newsletter at a Time

This monthly newsletter was created to help more seniors participate in regular exercise. The benefits of exercise are numerous and well documented for ALL age groups, even centenarians (over 100 years old). Some of the most common challenges with exercise include:

- not knowing what exercises to do
- getting bored with the same exercise routine
- losing motivation to exercise regularly

The goal of the newsletter is to provide a new and specific exercise routine each month so your motivation to exercise and stay healthy continues.

HAFFS Newsletter can help YOU become a healthy senior!

Beginner Exercise Routine – an exercise routine for seniors who are just beginning, have not exercised in a long time, or have little to no exercise experience.
Experienced Exercise Routine – an exercise routine for seniors who have exercise experience, or have been fairly active; this is a more challenging routine.
Focus on …– each issue will focus on a specific health or fitness topic, providing information and advice on a variety of topics.
HAFFS Health Tidbits – health information and advice for living a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.